Road Safety Professional-RSP1-SA, Module 1

The training programs for road safety professional exam (Level 1), RSP1-SA consist of five modules which are:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Road Safety.

Module 2: Human behavior and Road Safety.

Module 3: Data and Its Role in Measuring Road Safety.

Module 4: Solving Road Safety Problems.

Module 5: Road Safety Strategic Plans and Programs.

1.1- Foundations of Road Safety - What is Road Safety

1.2- Foundations of Road Safety - Vehicle Characteristics

1.3- Foundations of Road Safety - Evidence_Based Road Safety

1. Quiz

2.1- Foundations of Road Safety - Crash Factors and Characteristics

2.2- Foundations of Road Safety - Road User Characteristics

2.3- Fundamentals of Road Safety - Partners in Road Safety

2.4- Foundations of Road Safety - Approaches to road safety

2. Quiz

3.1- Foundations of Road Safety - Balancing Road Safety with Other Goals

3.2- Foundations of Road Safety - Promoting a Road Safety Culture

3.3- Foundations of Road Safety - Developments in Policy and Technology



3. Quiz


Assistant professor in Traffic and Transportation Engineering in Civil Engineering at KSU, Advisor to the NRSC on the Road Safety Professional training. Dr. Khaled F. Alkahtani brings career-long interest and expertise in road safety theory and practice to the NRSC’s training efforts. In his work as an assistant professor in civil engineering at KSU, Dr. Alkahtani is involved in many programs and projects related to traffic safety and is active in many professional and social affiliations in accidents analysis prevention and transportation and related research, including publication in the Transportation Research Board’s Transportation Research Record.


Executive Director SAUDI LOGISTICS ACADEMY and General Director, Land Transport Development PUBLIC TRANSPORT AUTHORITY, Dr. Alsalhi is an accomplished executive offering 12+ years of combined broad-based experience in delivering major transportation management and safety programs and leading academic growth and development while maintaining the best and most responsive Civil Engineering Program. Hands-on leader with a solid track record of success in managing complex project arrangements, marketing, and business development initiatives, operations management, and business change/integrations in a challenging environment. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of strategic operations, with outstanding leadership transforming in high-performance building teams to achieve cost savings and improved business performance.

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