Road Safety Professional-RSP1-SA, Module 3

The training programs for road safety professional exam (Level 1), RSP1-SA consist of five modules which are:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Road Safety.

Module 2: Human behavior and Road Safety.

Module 3: Data and Its Role in Measuring Road Safety.

Module 4: Solving Road Safety Problems.

Module 5: Road Safety Strategic Plans and Programs.

6.1- Data and Its Role in Measuring Road Safety - Traditional Safety Data

6.2- Data and Its Role in Measuring Road Safety - Identifying Key Factors in Safety Data

6. Quiz

7.1- Data and Its Role in Measuring Road Safety - Importance of Data Quality and Role of Non-traditional Safety Data

7.2- Data and Its Role in Measuring Road Safety - Quantitative Safety Analysis

7. Quiz


Walton has a background Information Technology consulting specializing in training, analytical modelling and database design across several sectors, Bruce brought these skills into the road safety sphere in the early 2000’s. Since his appointment as project manager for the multi award-winning MAST Online project, Bruce has become widely recognized as a leading expert on road casualty data, contributory factor analysis, resident risk, analytical architecture and enforcement data management. Walton works closely with organizations such as the UK Department for Transport, Highways England, Transport Scotland and Transport for London as well as providing consultancy for international projects on data architecture and reporting such as the International Road Federation’s ‘World Road Statistics’ program. Bruce is also a member of the government’s Standing Committee for Road Accident Statistics (SCRAS) in the UK.


Dr. Al Motairi is an assistant professor of Transportation and Traffic Engineering at Qassim University. He received his doctorate degree in civil engineering from the University of Cincinnati with a specialization in traffic engineering and safety. Omar has spent over 10 years focusing on exploring the contributing factors to crash occurrences and severity using advanced statistical methods and machine learning models.