Training Course- Roadside and median safety
دورة - سلامة جانب ووسط الطريق

الهدف العام للدورة هو تنمية قدرات المتدرب على تحقيق السلامة في جانب ووسط الطريق ومن الأهداف السلوكية التفصيلية للبرنامج تنمية القدرة على مراجعة معايير السلامة لجانب ووسط الطريق و القدرة على تحديد نوع الحماية المناسب لجانب ووسط الطريق 

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Mustapha Azzouzi, P.Eng, Msc, is an International Transport & Road Safety Expert, Road Safety Auditor and Trainer. He is an advanced specialist in road safety engineering and trusted by several international organizations such as the World Bank Group, the European Bank of Investment, the German International Cooperation, The international Road Assessment Program-UK, Canada. Mustapha has a successful international experience in developing proactive road safety strategies & action plans, studies and road safety Audit/Inspection and capacity building for several governments & MoTs in more than 18 countries such as: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Lebanon, Benin, Morocco, Togo, Cameroon, Mali, Tunisia, Nigeria, and others. He is a certified road safety auditor, having conducted more than 600 road safety audits as a Team Leader/member in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Canada, and others. Mustapha has trained more than 1000 officials and workers in the road safety field (all aspects, 5Es). He has also organized local and national workshops for Govs & MoTs.

إغلاق التسجيل 22/Dec/2022
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