Dr. Khaled Mostafa

Dr. Khaled Mostafa is an crash investigation / accident reconstruction expert. He obtained his Doctorate of Science in Transportation Safety Engineering from the George Washington University in 2007. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Automotive Engineering. Dr. Mostafa worked as a Forensic Engineer for over 10 years in Florida, USA, analysing car crashes for litigation purposes. He also worked in crash investigation and accident reconstruction for safety purposes for over 10 years more in the USA and the Middle East. Dr. Mostafa was the Safety Director of the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge in 2015. He consults on road safety and automotive projects in different capacities in the Middle East since 2013. His research work included data analysis of various US road transportation and crash databases like NASS, FARS and CIREN data. He helped improve database forms for the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and US Department of Transport. Dr. Mostafa was part of the unit founding team for Crash Investigation Unite within the National Road Safety Center.